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Freshman year is all about navigating college. Maeve Cleary and Madison Bastel are rising sophomores who have learned a few tips and tricks from being freshman at LSU.

Below you can find 10 Things To Do as a Freshman at LSU

1. Take classes at the UREC

The UREC offers tons of classes throughout the week, zumba and spin are our favorites.

2. Walk the LSU Lakes

I mean check out that view! It's amazing

3. Coffee in the Morning

We highly recommend getting a Keurig. We used it every morning and is definitely a dorm room essential

4. City Pork for muffins in between class

City Pork is in the Art and Design Building on campus

5. Bachelor nights in the dorm with ADPi sisters

6. Outtakes after late night study sessions

Outtakes is perfect for grab and go food. We love getting a bunch of snacks there before heading off to study or grabbing a late night snack before heading back to the dorm.

7. Panera whenever it’s cold and rainy

8. Take the bus (especially when it’s hot)

By the end of your first semester you will become an expert on using the Tiger Trails. Purple, Purple Union and Gold will become your best friend and can take you anywhere on campus.

9. Breakfast is the best meal at the 459

Breakfast is the best! From the omelet station to the fresh baked cinnamon rolls, you can’t go wrong with breakfast. We love going just the two of us or with other ADPI’s that live in our dorm. It’s the perfect way to start any morning especially gamedays!

10. Eat lunch and study at the ADPi house after class

The house is also packed with girls during lunch. It’s the best time to relax and meet everyone. We love to study here too! There is always someone in the house that has the same major as you that can help you with your classes, whether it be helping to study for a test or to help schedule your classes for the upcoming semester.

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