A Letter From Our Director of Primary Recruitment

Welcome to Alpha Delta Pi


Dear Potential New Member, 

My name is Juliana Long, and I am honored to be serving as the Director of Primary Recruitment for the Omega Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at LSU.  

On behalf of our chapter, I cannot wait to welcome each and every one of you into our home for the 2022 LSU Panhellenic Recruitment. I am so happy that you chose to participate in Formal Recruitment because it is an experience of a lifetime -- it has been one of my most cherished memories as a student at LSU. Through this time, you will get to meet so many women within our community and you will also be introduced to so many amazing opportunities including leadership, service, and academic success. 

Alpha Delta Pi has given me my second family. The women in this sorority are like no other -- they are kind, genuine, playful, enthusiastic, go-getters, and so much more. Every day they provide me the strength to push myself to be better not only for myself, but for others as well. So far in my journey at LSU, I do not know what I would do without this extraordinary community of women. As I prepare for Formal Recruitment, I hope that we can provide you with the same sense of ease and excitement that I felt when I went through Formal Recruitment two years ago. 

Formal Recruitment at LSU takes place over seven days in August 2022, and is broken up into three rounds followed by a preferential round. After these rounds are concluded, we wrap up the week by holding Bid Day, where you will receive a “bid,” otherwise known as a chapter member request, from Panhellenic chapters. Once you receive your bid, you will get to run home to your new sisterhood! I encourage you to visit LSU’s Panhellenic Website to learn everything there is to know about the Formal Recruitment process and experience, from dress codes to FAQs and further instructions. 

Again, I am beyond elated to welcome you all into our home for the 2022 LSU Panhellenic Recruitment. Geaux Tigers!

Warmest Regards, 

Juliana Long

Director of Primary Recruitment


Recruitment Process

We are so excited about your interest in becoming a part of Alpha Delta Pi. We look forward to meeting all potential members during formal recruitment. To learn more about our process, check out the information provided below. For information regarding legacy or recommendation forms, please get in touch today.

Ice Water

Welcome to the first round of recruitment, Ice Water! Since the Covid-19 pandemic, this round is now completely virtual. In this round you will watch a video that describes Alpha Delta Pi's open motto, We Live For Each Other, and you will be introduced to everything that makes Alpha Delta Pi so great! Below is our 2021 Ice Water video.



The second round of recruitment, Philanthropy, is split up into two days just like Ice Water. In this round, you will get to learn about how we as Alpha Delta Pi are committed to serving those in need. You will hear about our philanthropy -- The Ronald McDonald House Charities -- as well as other service and volunteer work that we are involved in around the Baton Rouge community. In this round, you will also get a tour of our house and see what living in Alpha Delta Pi looks like. 



In the Sisterhood round, you will get the opportunity to experience our beautiful bonds that we have as sisters. Being a part of an uplifting and strong group of girls is at the heart of who each of us are, and we cannot wait to show you why Alpha Delta Pi’s sisterhood is so special to us.


As the last round of recruitment, we get to share with you why we ran home to Alpha Delta Pi and why we choose ADPi every single day. We get to share with you why this sisterhood makes us feel at home and all of the strong qualities that our women have to offer. We live for each other, and for Alpha Delta Pi.


Bid Day

Boom Boom! You will be receiving a bid from the Omega Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi! Get ready to have fun, get glittery, dance, sing, and so much more on this exciting day. Over the next four years, you will get to know all of your new sisters who will become your family for the rest of your life. No matter how far, you will now always have a sister wherever you are!


All recruitment information, dates, dress codes, registration instructions, and FAQ can be found on the LSU Panhellenic website by clicking here